Best Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is a critical area in your home since it is your cubicle of privacy and pampering. It can be left alone if you just bought the house, but you will feel more comfortable using a bathroom that features your preferences and style.


If your bathroom is small but workable for designing, there are various designing ideas you can consider. However, note that not every bathroom design offered online will work for smaller spaces.  Some tips to help you plan the small but aesthetic bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.


Plants at a Minimum


You’ve seen online photos of bath areas with rows of plants and flowers, and you want to integrate this design for your bathroom. However, it may be best if you opt for small plants such as Chinese bamboo or a few cactus pots. This will allow for more space in case you have other add-ons in mind.


Top-to-Bottom Tiles


If your house has a minimalist theme that you’d like to retain, you could opt for an all-white bathroom that features tiles from the ceiling to the floor. Experts recommend that you consult with trusted tiles shops Adelaide so you will get the best advice regarding textures and colours.


Floral or Patterned Tiles


Many homeowners who have small bathrooms opt for patterned tile designs. If you’re also one of the homeowners who prefer checkered or floral aesthetics, you can get advice from specialty tiles shops Adelaide. Professional tile companies have a wide range of designs and samples you can check out.



Frames and Racks


Small bathrooms should not just be aesthetic. They should also be functional. Add some racks and frames where you can stack up towels or toiletries. Shelves can be installed beside the sink and structures can be placed under the sink to save space.


Wall Buttons


You can purchase decorative wall buttons that will serve as hangers for clothes, towels, robes, and other garments. This way, you have more space to move in. Walls are a substantial space-saving choice compared to closets.


Shower over Tub


Space is crucial in small bathrooms, so you may have to drop the idea of having a tub. While tubs are ultimate dreams for many homeowners, no one has ever become poorer by opting for a shower instead of a space-consuming bathtub.


Curtains over Glass Doors


For small spaces, bath curtains are highly recommended. Glass doors are definitely a classy pick, but they can’t serve their purpose well if they are installed in a small bath area. Curtains, on the other hand, are very functional in tiny spaces since they aren’t bulky or obstructive.


Small bathrooms can be made beautiful yet functional at the same time. Through careful planning and the help of experts, you can turn your small private space into a site of comfort.