Proper Steps on Executing the MPA Group Asbestos Testing Adelaide

Whenever you spot signs of asbestos at home, you can always call for professional asbestos removal services to have your asbestos removed from your house. However, for most of these firms to respond, you’ll need to make sure that it’s 100 per cent asbestos, or else they’ll be wasting their time. If you aren’t sure if the substance is asbestos, you can conduct The MPA Group asbestos testing Adelaide to make sure. Follow the steps outlined below to make sure you do it right.


Step 1: Check for Signs of Asbestos


The first thing you’ll need to determine when checking for any signs of asbestos is to know the year when the building was built. Asbestos was a popular construction material that’s used between the 1920s and 1980s. However, it was found to be hazardous to the health, which resulted in its banning. However, homes that are built during that area will most likely have a presence of asbestos. If your home was built during this time, make sure you check for the following areas for any build-up of asbestos: Walls, pipes, flooring, insulation, textured paints, fireproofing materials, shingles and electric wiring. You can also check chalkboards that were constructed between the 19320s to 1980s. Modern-day items that are built with asbestos are now labelled to inform people.



Step 2: Have the Area Tested


There’s no other way to this than to hire a professional asbestos testing agency. Contact an EPA-approved The MPA Group asbestos testing Adelaide centre and have them handle the suspected particles. Before they proceed with the actual testing, they will first inspect your home again to verify the presence of asbestos. Once they’ve determined the asbestos-infested area, they will then proceed to remove any remaining asbestos before delivering it to their lab for testing. We currently have a list of certified asbestos contractors in South Australia. Click this link to access the link and contact the firm that’s close to your area. You should never attempt to remove asbestos by yourself. You might end up inhaling a considerable amount of asbestos which can severely affect your health.



Step 3: Dealing with Asbestos


While you wait for the contractors to arrive, you should know some essential reminders when dealing with asbestos. First, it’s important to isolate the area where suspected asbestos lies. Do not let your pets or kids enter that area. Keep it locked and closed to avoid the spread of asbestos fibres all over your house. Besides, you should also cover your furniture, especially your couch as asbestos fibres tend to get caught in there.


The MPA Group asbestos testing Adelaide should be handled with care. If you’re not confident with yourself about the matter, it’s better to hire professional services instead.