What Type of Teeth Whitening Is Best for You

Professional teeth whitening is the best teeth whitening option for those who are not comfortable trying products on their own or those who don’t know how to whiten their teeth at home effectively. At-home products typically contain between three and twenty per cent hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide while professional, at-home treatment systems use fifteen to forty per cent peroxide. If you’re thinking about doing teeth whitening Adelaide at home alone or trying to determine whether you should do tooth whitening professionally by a specialist or at home, then this article is designed to help you better understand both the pros and cons of professional tooth whitening.

One of the benefits of teeth whitening Adelaide by a specialist is the effectiveness of the product. This method works very well and can produce impressive results. However, it does take time and effort on the part of the patient. Besides, the process can also be costly if done professionally rather than at-home.


Some people experience tooth discolouration from certain foods, beverages or other factors. These stains are much easier to remove by whitening treatments and can often be eliminated in as little as an hour. There are also products available that can be applied directly to the teeth and removed after a pre-determined amount of time. These products take a few weeks before you begin seeing results because it takes time for the bleaching agent to work. Besides, these types of treatments can cause some tooth sensitivity after they are removed. For this reason, it is important to research the product you choose before you purchase it thoroughly.

Over-the-counter whiteners are less expensive and can be bought easily at your local pharmacy or supermarket. The drawback of using over-the-counter products is that it may take several weeks for you to notice the benefits of a professional whitening procedure. If you decide to use over-the-counter whiteners, you should be aware of possibly harmful side effects. For example, peroxide found in over-the-counter whiteners can cause sensitivity in the mouth, burns and sometimes bleeding gums. Additionally, the whitener strips off quickly, which can wear thin and result in blistering.

Whether you need to whiten your teeth to improve your self-esteem or reduce the number of stains on your teeth, it is important to know what type of teeth whitening is best for you. Your dentist can offer advice and guidance, while using over-the-counter whiteners may be an option. It would help if you talked with your dentist about the best options for you.