What Should You Know Before Doing a Switchboard Upgrade?

Do you have an old asbestos switch and badly aged ceramic fibres? If yes, you 100% need to upgrade a switchboard by one specialist electrical engineer in Melbourne, Victoria, who specialises in switchboards. The central hub of your modern home’s electrical supply is your switchboard. So, having an efficient and functional switchboard that is easy to access, clean and maintain is crucial. Not having an efficient switchboard that minimises the chances of outages and, at the same time, provides prompt and effective communication between the different departments in your organisation is a recipe for disaster. Several companies online offer switchboard services in Melbourne that can be easily contacted to discuss your requirements.


Switchboard upgrades are the installation of new wiring in an older home or workplace. It involves the replacement of existing wiring, upgrading to updated products, and repairing or replacing any damaged or broken parts. Most of the time, this upgrade will focus on editing and repairing the lighting and appliances and the circuit breaker systems in your workplace. A reliable and skilled electrician that specialises in switchboard upgrade in Melbourne is an asset to any organisation. Many organisations consider it essential to have an electrician that specialises in this kind of work, as they are more skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in switchboard installations and wiring.


A switchboard upgrade can be done in several ways. You can upgrade the wiring to safer and more protected high-quality wiring. Also, this upgrade can involve the replacement of older and obsolete wiring, or it can simply be the installation of newer and more up to date products that provide you with a safer and more secure overall electrical environment. Whatever your needs or specifications, if you are considering an upgrade, then it is imperative that your electrician has sufficient knowledge and experience in dealing with electrical appliances and wiring. This way, they will be better equipped to assess the safety and security needs of the projects that require such an upgrade.


Once your switchboard has been upgraded, it’s time to install the new products. If you are going to do a complete switchboard upgrade, you need to ensure that you’ve correctly installed all the required electrical wiring rules. There are some electrical regulations in place that only allow certain products to be used. For example, to be able to use a cable to connect a light switch to a receptacle, the plug must be an approved RCD type. If you are unsure about the electrical wiring rules in your area, don’t hesitate to contact an electrician to get help.