How to Repair Retractable Arm Awnings – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Having a fixed or broken retractable awning at home can be frustrating. A broken retractable arm awning will compromise an otherwise perfect and peaceful space beneath it. It won’t be the same until you get it fixed as soon as possible. While it may sound daunting repairing retractable arm awnings Adelaide may not be as difficult as you think. All you need is to follow the simple and necessary steps that we outlined below.

Step #1: Identifying the Problem

Retractable Arm Awnings AdelaideAwnings tend to rip due to instances of strong winds or a storm. If you’ve had them for a considerable amount of years, they may have worn out and are prone to breakage. Know what type of fabric your awning has and if whether or not it can be repaired or replaced. Minor rips can be remedied with a special tape or adhesive. You can buy this at any hardware store or stores that specialize in awnings.

Step #2: Call the Manufacturer of Your Awning

Manufacturers of retractable arm awnings Adelaide have the solution to your problem. That’s why you should consider reaching out to the manufacturer of your shelter to see how you can deal with the matter. If the canopy is secondhand, Google for the model brand and name. Keep in mind that every canopy from every manufacturer has some unique features. You won’t be able to use the parts from one manufacturer to repair a problem with an awning from a different manufacturer.

Step #3: Repair or Replace?

Determine whether it’s best to replace the entire canopy or replace it with a new one. Sometimes if the wind damage is too severe, it would cost as much money to buy the parts to fix the awning as it would buy a brand new one with newer and better features. If the fabric is just ripped, the price for replacing a cloth should be expensive. However, if the problem is with the swing arms being broken or bent, it might be better if you install a new retractable arm awning. Going back to step two, the manufacturer can also give you a good idea about whether or not replacing your current model would be less expensive than attempting to repair it.

Retractable arm awnings Adelaide are a sight to behold on any home. However, it won’t be if you’re dealing with a broken one. Consider the tips above and make the best decision on your retractable awning.