Physiotherapy Services – All You Need to Know

Physiotherapy services (physical rehabilitation) involve various health care treatments specifically designed to relieve physical disabilities, impairments, or injuries. Physical rehabilitation aims to improve the function and/or recovery of a patient following an injury or surgery. This is typically done by performing physical manipulation (either passive or active), manual resistance training, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound. Physical therapy services often occur in a hospital or other medical facility and are supervised by a physiotherapist. These services are generally covered by medical insurance.

physio AdelaideIn addition to providing health care, many community physiotherapy services also provide education and counselling. Education can help patients understand their injuries and the physiotherapy process. This education can help them determine the extent of their limitations and enable them to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Counselling is provided to patients who have questions or wish to modify their treatment regimens. Many community-based physiotherapists also provide education and counselling to patients about their insurance options.

One of the most commonly provided physiotherapy services in physio Adelaide is manual therapy. Manual therapy is often used to relieve pain following surgery or an accident. It can also be used to correct conditions related to muscle loss or spasms. Common manual therapy techniques include massage, cold compression, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound.

Another strength-training exercise for the aging population is exercise and therapy to increase muscle mass and mobility. There is a variety of equipment and programs available for this purpose in the physical therapy services market. One of the most commonly availed services is massage, which can reduce pain and increase the range of motion.

Other types of physiotherapy services in physio Adelaide are rehabilitation services, which aim to improve patients’ function after accidents or illnesses that have harmed their bodies. The physical therapist assists the patient with tasks that do not require his/her hands and legs, such as washing, feeding, crawling, using the toilet, getting dressed, going outside, using the telephone, etc. Other rehabilitation services might include physiotherapy for patients with psychiatric conditions or those with paralysis or severe disabilities.

There are many areas of specialization within the field of physiotherapy. One of the most common specialization areas is manual therapy, which includes physiotherapy for athletes and patients involved in manual therapy. Another specialty area is sports physiotherapy, which professional sports athletes use to improve performance and avoid injuries. Sports chiropractic and physical therapy are other areas of specialization within physiotherapy services. Many physical therapy clinics also offer rehabilitation and pain management services.