How to Get the Best Value When It Comes to Mercedes Service

If you own a Mercedes Benz and service is due, one important consideration is cost. There are many options available regarding where you can book your vehicle. You may take your car to the main dealer or an independent repair shop who will do the servicing. Both dealer and independent Mercedes Service Adelaide centre will use original parts, which means that you will protect your warranty.


You can get an interim Mercedes service, ora full Mercedes service. The interim service is ideal between the main annual service if you are a high mileage car user. The interim service will help maintain your car safety, reliability and also efficiency. A full service is due every 12 months and is more comprehensive and includes a wide range of adjustments and checks. The Mercedes service Adelaide should be according to the Mercedes specification. Otherwise, you may interfere with the manufacturer warranty. For this reason, always ensure that you take your Mercedes to an authorised Mercedes Benz repair centre.



You need to know that an interim service does not include the lubrication of door hinges, nor does it involve checking the condition of car clocks, coolant system, engine cooling fan and the throttle operation. The air and fuel filters are not replaced nor the spark plugs. The condition of HT is also not checked. All these are checked during the main service. It is good to know what to expect when you take your Mercedes to an interim service so that when the quote comes, you know what to expect. However, if your vehicle has main issues, the experts will check that and advise you on what to do or replace even if the time is not due.


Car servicing costs are very competitive, and there are a range of Mercedes service Adelaide centres you can visit to get the best value. Mercedes dealerships aren’t bound to tie you into their servicing, and therefore you are free to look for a service centre that suits your needs and budget provided they offer genuine parts and quality services. You could save up to 40% off main dealer prices by shopping around. For example, some centres provide free interim service when you book an annual service in their shop. You can use the intern and recommendations from friends when finding the best deal and service centre.


As you choose which Mercedes service Adelaide centre to visit, be sure to check if they offer a warranty and guarantee for their parts and services. Also, check affordability as well as the mode of payments. All these are key when choosing a car repair centre. With proper research, finding a Mercedes repair centre will not be a big issue.