Why Hinged Wardrobe Doors for Your Wardrobe Is the Better Choice

With wardrobes coming in different exterior looks and interior configurations, your personal wardrobe choice can be as unique as your style and fashion – as evident in your clothes that will fill this fantastic piece of furniture. Wardrobes take a personality on their own, yet they can be fully integrated with existing decor or even provide a pleasant contrast.

The choice of colours and appearance is unlimited, and when you decide between a hinged and sliding cabinet door, the choice is determined mainly by the space available in your room and your style preferences.



Since this article is to sing the praises of wardrobes that have hinged wardrobe doors, we will focus mainly on that to help you choose it to meet your organisational needs and complement your house design.


  • A Door for Every Need

Hinged doors are usually preferred over sliding doors because they allow the freedom to design a highly segmented wardrobe. An unimpeded view and access to everything in the closet is also possible by choosing this variant.


  • Organise Like There’s No Tomorrow

If you have a propensity for clothing organisation, you will be happy that each door can open up to a particular clothing part; one door can open for your bottoms or pants, one door for tops or shirts, one for jackets and so on. This capability is still possible with sliding cabinet doors, but not at the same level of organisation.



  • Unimpeded View and Access

If you have an extensive fashion collection, you will appreciate hinged doors because it allows you to see everything in your wardrobe at one time, without the part where the sliding door will overlap covering your view and access – you can open your hinged door, find what you need and be merrily on your way.

  • Perfect Complement to Modern House Designs

Hinged doors are ideal for larger rooms because you need at least one meter of space around your wardrobe to ensure easy access and a relaxed dressing experience.


If you are still unconvinced about choosing hinged wardrobe doors for your wardrobe, and whether it will suit your home, Adelaide’s most trusted wardrobe consultant will carefully measure any space and recommend the style that is ideal for you, without costs or obligations to you.


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Whatever the door style of the wardrobe you choose working with a wardrobe company that has been serving your area will bring you results that will meet your needs. You will be pleased how functional and attractive your wardrobe is and for many years to come.


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