What Is a Split Air Conditioner? What Makes It Stand Out From the Competition?

The heat and humidity of summer seem to be such a popular topic not confined to the water station but everywhere! The complaints seem to have no end in sight!


Running the central air conditioner is expensive, while the window units are noisy, bulky and unsightly. If you are looking for an affordable and unobtrusive way to bring cooler air into your home, a split air conditioning system, such as an Airware Sales Fujitsu split system, may be your ticket to a smart solution.



What is a split air conditioner?

A separate air conditioner includes an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The location for the outdoor unit is on or near the outside wall of the room being cooled. This unit houses the compressor, the condenser coil and the expansion coil or capillary tube. While it looks stylish and sleek, the value of the indoor unit is that it contains the cooling coil, a long blower as well as an air filter.


What makes a split air conditioner different from other systems?

For one thing, the installation of a split air conditioner is more straightforward since it doesn’t involve ducting. Instead, the indoor and outdoor units are connected to a set of electrical wires and tubes.


The ducts required for many traditional air conditioning units typically increase energy costs. It is why many centralized air-conditioning units lose a lot of energy due to heat exchange in the air duct system. Without ductwork, there is little risk of heat or energy loss in a split air conditioning system. Eliminating the need for ducts makes it especially valuable for your wallet and the environment.


Advantages of a Split Air Conditioning System

This type of air conditioner has many advantages over traditional air conditioners. One thing that can be easily noticed is the quiet operation of this system. The parts of an air conditioner that generate the most noise are the compressor and the fan that cools the condenser. In a split system (unlike a window unit), the compressor and the condenser fan are located outside the room to be cooled. It, thus, confines the noise outside.


Another advantage of a split system is that you can have the choice to have up to four handling units which can be connected to a single outdoor unit. Cooling several rooms or maintaining the temperature in a large room is much easier by using two or more indoor cooling units.

An Airware Sales Fujitsu split system is both efficient and economical. The initial cost of this type of air conditioning unit is significantly higher than that of a window unit. It also requires professional installation, soon enough you will see that amount returned to your wallet. You will save a substantial amount on your energy bills. These units last long also, and that is where you can also get value for your money.