Advantages to an Evaporative Air Conditioner

Evaporative air conditioner is one of the most efficient cooling systems available on the market. They work by pulling in warm air from outdoors and pulling it indoors through a series of thin porous filters. These filters trap small amounts of warm air and lower the air temperature as it enters the system. A door with a bypass feature allows some warm air to be pulled into the evaporative air cooler unit. This bypass feature is crucial because it allows the warm air trapped in the unit to be drawn into the other side of the filter to cool the room. They can significantly reduce your energy bill while keeping your home comfortable.

evaporative air conditionerThere are many advantages to an evaporative air conditioner compared to other types of air conditioning systems. They are quieter and more flexible. They require less energy to operate and consume less water to cool the air. The process they use to draw hot air in is much different than a conventional air conditioning system. They also cost less to operate and use nearly one-half the amount of electricity as other types of air coolers (roughly one-third as much energy).

While they cost money upfront and require maintenance, they pay for themselves quickly. You will typically see small savings in your monthly energy bill after the first month. You will have to drain the water from the pads between the evaporative air conditioner condenser and the evaporator, but you should not drain them for at least two months following the first use. If you drain them too soon, they will cool faster and take longer to heat up, using a lot more energy to do so. Besides, you will not be able to keep opening the windows any longer because the cooling pad’s heat will make the window glass warm quicker than usual.

While these units take up less space on your home, they take up less energy to use. They consume only half as much electricity to operate as some other cooling units. This is because you do not have to drain the water or cool the air to use them. The water that is emptied or cleaned depending on the model remains cool until replaced with a fresh supply. Also, evaporative cooling units require no fans or open windows to operate. This means you save a little less in the way of cooling needs throughout your home.

For the most part, these units can work well in almost any climate. However, they do require a slightly higher humidity to function than other types of cooling units. These units can be used in both humid and dry climates with relative ease. In the past, these cooling systems were primarily designed for homes located in swampy areas. However, recent advances in technology have enabled evaporative air conditioners to function well even in more temperate climates.

In addition to their energy efficiency, they are also straightforward to install. Typically, the only things needed to set up a swamp cooler include drilling holes in the walls and installing the window unit. With their high energy efficiency, they are a good value for your money and provide an excellent option for those who want to cool their home but do not want to pay for a full set up. When the air conditioner is installed correctly, you can expect to save up to three hundred dollars in energy costs over a year.