What’s Included in a Defensive Driving Course?

The term defensive driving” refers to operating a vehicle emphasising techniques that promote safety. The idea is for a driver to be familiar with road hazards and respond to them accordingly. The learnings that a new driver will obtain from a Driving School Melbourne go beyond the knowledge of traffic rules. 

driving-school-melbourneDefensive driving courses are meant to improve your driving skills, not win any race, but to reduce the risks associated with operating a vehicle. It means that you eventually develop the skills of anticipating scenarios and making split-second decisions that save lives. The decisions you make are based on what youve learned through formal instruction in a professional driving institution. 

Every country or state has unique incorporations in an introductory defensive driving course. But generally speaking, the contents are designed to train an aspiring driver based on the local traffic laws.

The information covered in these courses usually includes:

Traffic-Related Crashes

A few scenarios can cause more trauma than a traffic-related crash. It carries with it emotional, physical, and social impacts. Its quite discomforting, but hundreds of thousands of people die each year due to vehicle crashes and collisions. More than half of those accidents are attributed to drunk driving and over speeding. 

The reason why you intend to become a defensive driver is that you wish to reduce the likelihood of a traffic-related crash while youre behind the wheel. With the right course at a Driving School Melbourne, youll learn how to exercise caution and make smart decisions when facing adversity on the road.

Driving Psychology

Several things must be factored in when you put yourself behind the wheel. This is because theres no such thing as a smooth ride from point A to B. You must go through traffic lights, aggressive and disrespectful drivers, lane hogging, foot traffic, and severe weather that affects visibility. Although you may not have control over most of these things, you can at least control how to respond to them. This is where driving psychology taught in a defensive driving course comes into play. 

A qualified driving school in Melbourne teaches students to overcome negative psychological factors, i.e., fatigue, distress, rage, sleepiness, and stress. Moreover, licensed driving instructors are trained to help young drivers develop a positive attitude while operating a vehicle. Becoming a safe and responsible driver is all in mind. 

Knowing the Law

Finally, defensive driving courses, regardless of country or state, cover lessons on local traffic laws. It may be more like a refresher” course for some people, but not everyone knows all the rules at the back of their heads. If you wish to obtain a drivers licence, youll have to go through a series of theory lessons and tests to determine if youre familiar with the traffic laws. Familiarising yourself with the traffic rules in your locality means that you avoid violating them. It also means that youre less likely to get tickets and infractions.