What’s It Like to Visit a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor may seem like just another name for a doctor, but there are many differences between chiropractors and other doctors. While they perform the same type of treatment, their methods and philosophies are quite different. A chiropractor is trained as an external therapist, which means that he or she addresses the skeletal and nervous system using non-invasive techniques to correct problems with the spine and neck structure. Below are some of the fundamental reasons why you may visit a chiropractor.

To better understand how chiropractic medicine works, it’s essential to have a chiropractic exam. First visits usually only take about an hour. Your chiropractor will likely ask you about your symptoms and your overall medical history during your first visit. Tell your chiropractor about any previous illnesses you may have had.


The chiropractor will do a few tests to get an idea of the cause of your discomfort. He or she will most likely do standard X-rays, diagnostic scan or laboratory test. In many cases, chiropractors’ initial treatments can be done without the use of an x-ray machine. Sometimes, lab tests or other non-invasive diagnostic tests are all that is required to determine the cause of your problem. If lab tests are needed, most chiropractors favour non-needle tests and non-operative treatments.

During your first visit, your chiropractor Adelaide will ask you some questions to better understand your condition. One of these questions will likely involve a review of your medical history. Your medical history includes information about any recent or past diseases or conditions. It will also include information about any physical problems you’ve had and whether or not they’re improving or getting worse. Your chiropractor will also want to know about any family history, including sicknesses, surgeries, childbirths, etc. Your chiropractor may also want to know about any injuries or ailments you’ve had in the past.

After the first visit, your chiropractor will begin to examine your body and take measurements of your soft tissue, bones and joints. He or she will then ask you some questions to further evaluate your condition. Your chiropractor Adelaide may use his or her hands to realign your spinal joints manually during your chiropractic adjustment. The goal is to reduce subluxations in which the normal force on your joint is altered. This is usually done with a controlled pressure that is applied to your joints.

A chiropractor Adelaide may also ask you to perform a physical examination to evaluate your posture and stress reaction. Stress can have many causes and can increase your nervous system response. 

A physical examination will help your chiropractor determine if there is a mechanical problem or a more severe issue causing your spine to respond in a way that does not typically react.

After the initial evaluation, your chiropractor will likely want to give you some pain medications to alleviate any discomfort you are experiencing while your spine is being manipulated. Your chiropractor may also suggest other rehabilitative exercises that can help improve your condition. These exercises are not to cure your injury or illness but to make it easier for you to move, feel better and recover from your injury or illness. If you continue with your exercises, your chiropractor can help you prevent any future incidents of back pain or other physical ailments.

Chiropractors are great doctors that can provide a variety of services for your health care needs. Although chiropractic is not considered a conventional medical practice, it is based on the understanding that the cause of most diseases and ailments are related to how our bodies are organised and how they function. When you visit your chiropractor, he or she will review your medical history along with your medical history of your family and other factors that may have been contributing to your pain and discomfort. 

With this information and with the assistance of your chiropractor together, you will be able to formulate a treatment plan that will address your specific needs so that you can start living your active lifestyle again. A good chiropractor knows how to work with you to achieve optimum results in a concise period.