Importance of Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide

Some homeowners take a building and pest inspection for granted. For their 100-year old Victorian house, siding cracked, and they suddenly found themselves with a bill of almost $40,000 to replace it. It’s also a lesson for prospective real estate buyers.


For many hundreds of dollars per square foot, building and pest inspections are an investment. Not only do these inspections provide the peace of mind in knowing that your building is in good condition; they can also be an indicator of hidden structural problems. Do inspectors check for issues like Is there water leakage in the walls? Are the drywall screws long enough? Is there visible water leakage in your basement, is it due to deteriorating siding or improper installation?

building and pest inspection AdelaideBuilding and pest inspection Adelaide are not limited to just checking for structural defects. These checks can also detect problems with: Is the electrical wiring pinpointing the right way? Can minor repair jobs prevent the need for a significant reconstruction? The buyer is paying for both significant defects and minor cosmetic ones, so it is crucial to determine the extent of the repairs required. Click for more information.

As with any home purchase, buyers should insist on written agreements. If you’re not getting a written warranty, ask your inspector for one. Many inspections offer some level of protection if problems are discovered later, but many do not. If you decide to use just one inspector for the entire life of the building, it is a good idea to ask him/her to sign a written guarantee. A written confirmation will protect you from any negative surprises down the road.

Inspectors should be able to identify visible problems with the roof, floor, walls and ceiling. They should also identify sources of moisture, including siding, visible cracks in concrete, visible plumbing and visible leaks. Your building should have no visible signs of structural damage, such as falling down ceilings, rising damp walls, cracked and broken barriers, hanging roof shingles, etc. A good building inspector will check for structural damage during the day and identify and address issues discovered after dark. Finally, your inspector should be able to assess the condition of your roof, your attic, basement and crawl space without climbing onto the roof, laddering up the walls, or digging around the foundation.

Make sure you keep a record of all building and pest inspection Adelaide reports. Always photocopy all inspections, seal documents and forward completed assessments to the inspected agency. Make sure you receive a written report of all reviews. This should include photos of the issues found, a description of the damage, cost, date of inspection and resolution, and any repairs or replacement recommendations.