Things to Remember When You’re About to Buy Brass Door Handles

Are you planning to buy brass door handles? If modern or antique is more your style, then perhaps you should opt for an antique brass theme by complementing your contemporary doors with beautiful brass door handles. Dull brass door handles undoubtedly are an option for those properties which feature a more modern aesthetic but if more rustic is more up your alley, then why not go for the brass door handles that match the overall theme. You will be able to find an endless number of exciting handles on the internet, so when it comes to Brass Door Handles w/ Design, there is no shortage of inspiration. Go for something that pleases your sense of style.

Brass Door Handles w/ DesignWhen choosing the brass door handles w/ design to complement your front door, first and foremost, you must consider the finishes in which you are interested. There are two main finishes to choose from: oil rubbed bronze and satin chrome. Both of these are available in a multitude of different colours. Of course, the only way to know for sure which type of finish you like best is to try them out. Oil rubbed bronze can look surprisingly good in almost all kinds of light and dusky hues such as lilac and purple, whilst satin chrome handles tend to appear better in rich earthy tones such as burgundy or mahogany.

Should you wish to avoid staining your precious front door furniture, then you should stick to satin chrome. Satin chrome can be polished to give it a Matt or semi MAT finish. Should you wish to stain your brass door handles, you can either use a soft cloth to gently rub off the tarnish (preferably with a steel wool pad) or paint with an acrylic medium over the tarnished area. Acrylic mediums are the most recommended since they are relatively easy to apply and remove and do not scratch or etch the surface.

You could use some different methods to clean your brass and satin handles, including soap and water, dry cleaning with brass polishing paste, cotton bud soaked in rubbing alcohol, or hand-dipped in rubbing alcohol. Be sure not to soak your handles in a solution of rubbing alcohol or bleach. It will permanently damage the surface of your handles, leaving it with an unattractive, pitted look. Additionally, an excellent tip for keeping your handles clean and shiny is to spray them with an acrylic finish cleaner once a week (depending on how often you use them), as this will keep your door furniture looking its best. These cleaners are safe for use on both plastic and metal surfaces, and they will not etch or damage your handles.

Satin is very susceptible to bacterial attack, particularly when it comes into contact with other types of surfaces. It can lead to a build-up of deposits that can attract both dirt and bacteria, resulting in a build-up of yellow-brown stains. To avoid staining your copper-based door knobs and handles, you should wipe them down after every use, using a soft, damp cloth. You should also be sure not to use hot water to wash your copper pieces, as this can cause corrosion.

An excellent method to prevent tarnish from forming on your brass and satin handles would be to wipe them down once every month or so. To remove any dirt or dust built up, use a soft cloth to wipe the area, then rinse it off with warm soapy water. Use a separate soft cloth to dry your piece afterwards to ensure you remove all traces of water. Finally, polish the piece with a brass polishing paste before buffing it to bring out the grain and shine.

The last type of brass doorknob or handle maintenance to discuss is wax. Although brass has a low natural oil content, it will fade over time due to the elements, such as heat, humidity, and soaps and cleansers. To prevent brass from fading, you should clean it regularly with a mild soap and water solution and then apply a small amount of mineral oil over the pieces before polishing. Polishing is essential as it brings out the grain and lustre in the metal, thus restoring it to its former glory.

As mentioned earlier, you should avoid tarnishing your Brass Door Handles w/ Design, as they are susceptible to oxidation if left dirty for too long. Therefore, you should also clean and protect them with a suitable cleaner and wax once each month. Cleaning products specifically designed to clean and protect brass doorknobs are available at most hardware stores and online. For those public buildings where access to cleaners is limited, the same solution works very well: all you need to do is spray the cleaner on the door and gently work it into the metal, paying particular attention to any crevices.