Bale Twine – Three Benefits That Explain Why It’s an Important Bale-wrapping Item

When it comes to bale wrapping, there is a wide range of twines available in the market today. However, despite the variety, nothing comes close to the effectiveness and durability of a traditional bale twine.


Made specifically for wrapping and storing bales, it’s the ideal product if you’re looking for a twine that can provide the firmest hold and give you the best stacks of fodder. If you’re looking to switch to using bale twine, here are three of its main benefits that might entice you even more.


Durable & Long-lasting


Made from high-quality fibrous materials, the bale twine is perfect for your everyday bale-wrapping duties. Each strand of fibre is also weaved evenly together to maximise overall durability and longevity. It’s also coated in a unique formula to ensure that it lasts longer, while not altering the quality of the silages it’s wrapping.



Provides Protection During Storage


The Storage phase is one of the most crucial parts of bale-wrapping. It’s when your bales are stored and turned into high-quality feed for your farm animals. But before good fodder is produced, you need to make sure that each of the bundles is wrapped and covered the right way. With the help of baling twine, you can do just that. Since it’s made from high-quality fibres, it perfectly complements your silages, wrapping it firmly and ensuring that no moisture develops during storage. Moisture buildup can profoundly alter the quality of your bales, so make sure you prevent that by using bale twines.


Reduces Bale Spoilage


Since bale twine do a great job when it comes to storing your bales, it can ensure that you won’t have any problems with bale spoilage. A bale twine traps in the freshness of your silages, locking in the nutrients and vitamins that it naturally must contribute to its development into fresh and healthy fodder for your farm animals. So not only are you reducing the spoilage rate of your bales, but you’re also ensuring that you get high-quality fodder at the end of the process.


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