Liquefy Juice Co is Australia’s first premium organic cold-pressed juice, smoothie, single-origin coffee and superfood liquefyoutlet. Liquefy Juice Co outlets are unlike any juice bar or health food store you have visited in the past – they are a unique destination for those seeking a delicious, nutrition-drenched, guilt-free organic juice, food and coffee experience. There is quite simply no other place in Australia where you can have the same eating experience. How do we know this? Read on and let us explain why.

We love watching people experience our nutrient-rich delicious cold-pressed juices, smoothies and superfoods. Our philosophy is quite simply that everyone should Live Life Liquid by indulging in one of our hand-crafted cold press juices, smoothies and superfoods. In the creation of every one of our cold-pressed juices we seek to celebrate the wholesome goodness of each ingredient while also creating playful flavor profiles that will leave you thirsting for more after every sip. Our smoothies are sinfully satisfying yet completely guilt-free because they contain no dairy, no preservatives and most importantly, no sugar. Our superfood menu is extensive, contains a number of raw options and has been designed to satisfy a broad range of tastes. Some of our Liquefy signatures are raw sushi, coconut ceviche salad, spiced activated oats, chia puddings and coconut parfaits.

We have one goal – to be Australia’s best cold-pressed juice and superfood destination. We will achieve this goal by leading this very niche sector of the food industry, by innovating and pushing the boundaries of retail juice and superfood.

We are committed to making cold-press juice, delicious healthy smoothies and a wide variety of superfoods readily available for immediate consumption by those seeking the highest quality organic eating experience.

As for our commitment to Queensland, we are not opening one store to test the market, we are opening six stores across Brisbane to showcase our products and give those seeking a completely different dining experience the opportunity to come in and indulge their bodies and taste buds. Following the opening of these stores we will open our online store which will allow anyone in Queensland to purchase our cold-press juice and have it delivered the next business day.

Liquefy Juice Co is a category-breaker. We know we are different and we keep looking for new ways to innovate in a sector of the retail food industry that is in its infancy compared to other parts of the world.

Here are a few of our “firsts”:

We are the first cold-press juice retail outlet in Australia to offer an organic juice product.
We have Australia’s only 24 hour cold-pressed juice and superfood outlet.
We are the first cold-pressed juice chain in Australia to offer customers the opportunity to indulge in a full-circle, organic, juice, smoothie and superfood experience.
Unlike the majority of cold-pressed juice retailers in Australia, you do not need to order our juice online – you can come into any of our stores and let your senses decide which juice to drink, and you can do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, because we are open 24/7.
Take a look at our menu and you will see that our cold-pressed juices are very different to anything you have seen or tasted before. We are not serving up the same juice blends and food as our competitors. Instead, we derive our inspiration from the latest developments in cold-press juice, smoothies and superfood as they occur in the United States, and particularly in the boundary-pushing juice bars of New York, California and Los Angeles.
We understand that life is about balance – unlike the majority of cold-pressed juice retailers in Australia we are not evangelical in our approach to health and wellness and offer customers an opportunity to indulge – entirely guilt-free of course. How you ask? Well just come in to one of our stores and you will be greeted by stacks of freshly baked organic hand-crafted sourdough and the aroma of freshly ground, organic single-origin coffee. Sound good? Wait until you spread some of our house-made organic jam or avocado salsa onto it and experience the textural delight of a perfect crust and soft, velvety goodness of this often overlooked simple food pleasure.
We are the first cold-pressed juice outlet in Australia to offer supplements ordinarily only available in destinations such as New York and Los Angeles, the epicenter of the global cold-press juice movement. We expect you may not have heard of some of our supplements such as e3live, the oldest known form of blue-green algae, credited with creating our oxygen atmosphere 3.5 billion years ago so other life could evolve. The purest form of this supplement is harvested from Klamath Lake, Oregon and is usually reserved for sale in the United States due to the limited amount yielded each year. We have sourced this amazing supplement and best of all, we don’t charge for the first supplement you add to any of our delicious freshly prepared smoothies and Acai bowls so you can experience all the goodness of this and other amazing supplements on us.
Unlike our competitors we do not squeeze our almond milk and coconut water from heat or pressure treated cartons. Instead we squeeze our very own house-made Liquefy Almond Mylk and use only fresh from the source virgin Thai coconut water. The result is cold-pressed coffee and smoothies that are as nutrient rich and good for you as they can possibly be and most importantly, they contain no preservatives whatsoever.

Socially responsible
Liquefy Juice Co is a socially responsible organisation which focuses its charitable efforts on the provision of nutritious drinks and food to those who need them most. We call this program ‘Press-It-Forward’ and with assistance from our staff, commercial partners and other community organisations, we strive to make a difference.

We take every opportunity to share the goodness of our products with everyone, including those who cannot afford to buy them from our stores. We do this by donating all juice and food approaching its best-before date to charities that provide the homeless and underprivileged with nutritious meals on a daily basis. We do this with the intention that the goodness in our products will be shared among men, women and children who would otherwise be unable to afford our juices and food but who in many cases, need them most.

We also take a responsible approach to the presentation and consumption of our juices, smoothies and food. We use only biodegradable packaging and eating utensils and wherever possible avoid impacting the environment in a negative way. This is why all of our delicious juices, smoothies and food are served using environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging.